Sensitive Pro-Relief™

Do you have sensitive teeth?

You may have sensitive teeth if you experience short, sharp pain in response to cold, heat and pressure. Common triggers of sensitive teeth can be:

  • Cold or Hot Drinks
  • Cold Air
  • Some Dental Procedures

If these triggers cause you pain, you are not alone. Up to 57% of adults suffer from sensitive teeth.

What causes sensitive teeth?

Sensitive teeth are primarily caused by gum recession. Gums recede for many reasons, like brushing too hard, age, and periodontal disease. When gums recede, small openings in the root of the tooth called dentin tubules are exposed and may be opened by acidic foods and drinks. These open tubules lead directly to the nerve of the tooth and can cause pain.

Instant and Lasting Relief from Tooth Sensitivity

Ask Dr. Wokuluk about Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief™. Pro-Relief uses something called Pro-Argin™ technology to plug open dentin tubules. When Pro-Relief is applied the open dentin tubules are plugged immediately for instant and lasting relief.

Pro-Relief™ is applied using a rotary cup on the areas which may be sensitive. It is applied for three seconds in the first application and a second application may follow. The Pro-Relief formula contains calcium carbonate and arginine, an amino acid naturally found in saliva that takes advantage of you mouth's natural process, providing protective oral health benefits. The formula also helps attract additional calcium to open tubules, forming a protective seal.

Additional Relief from Tooth Sensitivity

Colgate Sensitive Enamel Protect™ can be used at home to help provide addition sensitivity relief. It not only provides lasting relief from sensitivity but also has proven protection against cavities. Enamel Protect™ used in conjunction with the Colgate 360® Sensitive Toothbrush provides the ultimate protection. The brush has ultra soft bristles, causes less wear on exposed root surfaces compared with a soft flat trim brush and removes 38% more plaque than other leading manual toothbrushes.

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